Your wedding day is arguably one of the most important days of your life.  It's a moment in time where you'll state the vows that will bind you to another individual for the rest of your lives.  This event should be as momentous as possible, and you want to build up excitement in the minds of the people who will be in attendance.  The anticipation should begin with an incredibly engaging invitation.  Use these two tips as a guide to help you raise the engagement factor of your wedding invitations in anticipation of your big day.

Include A Personalized Poem In Each Invitation

Including a personalized poem in each invitation is an incredible way to transform your invitations from ordinary to extraordinary.  Imagine how delighted your invitees will be when they open their envelopes only to find that there is a handwritten poem that details some intimate moment of the times that you've spent together.  

For example, if you met one of your invited guests at new student orientation on your first day of college, you can make a cute little poem like the following:

"We were both so afraid on that faithful day,

It was new student orientation, and you didn't look okay.

However, we became fast friends, and what a treat,

So glad fate chose us two to meet."

No matter how cheesy the poem may happen to be, including an anecdote about how you met, or some special times you spent together can really make them nostalgic for the past, and hopeful about your future with the one you love.

Hand Deliver Each Invitation

In a world where everything is digitized, that personal touch can mean so much.  Taking the time to personally deliver each invitation shows your invitees just how much their presence is desired on your wedding day.

This isn't to say that you have to hand deliver invitations to people who may live out of town.  You can instead choose to mail the physical letter, while also making it a point to place a video call to the person you've invited to find out if they've gotten their invitation, and if they plan to come.  Let them know just how much it will mean to you for them to be there.

Engaging your guests in your wedding can help to create a cohesive event that makes everyone feel like they are a part of a loving community.  When you're making your wedding invitations, keep these tips in mind so your engagement factor can be through the roof.