Serving in the military allows soldiers to form very strong bonds with each other that last a lifetime. After military service is completed, soldiers typically spread out around the country and go on with their lives, but military reunions are very popular with veterans of all ages. A well-planned military reunion gives veterans the opportunity to spend time together, reminisce about the past, and catch up on what is going on in each other's lives. If you have served in the military and want to organize a reunion with your fellow soldiers, use the following tips: 

Choose a Central Location

One of the first things that should be decided when planning a military reunion is where the event will be held. Some groups like the nostalgia of holding a reunion in a place that has military significance, such as the town where the group was based together or where they went to boot camp. Other groups prefer more traditional vacation destinations that have a number of dining and accommodation choices. 

Give Everyone as Much Notice as Possible

When trying to bring together a large group of people for a military reunion, it is essential to let people know about the event as far in advance as possible. This will give people more time to plan and budget for the event, resulting in a larger turnout at the reunion. 

Find Accommodations

As the organizer of the reunion, take the time to find accommodations in the destination where the event is being held. Don't forget to mention that you are planning a military reunion-- many hotels offer discounted rates for veterans. Once you have found a hotel and settled on nightly rates, pass along the information to all of your fellow veterans so they can make their own reservations.

Contact an Event Planner

Most military reunions center around one large event that usually includes a meal, dancing, and other activities. If your reunion will have a large turnout, it may be in your best interest to hire an event planer to coordinate the event. Since military reunions are very popular, there are many event planners that specialize in planning these events. Your event planner can take care of all the details of your reunion dinner, such as finding a venue, arranging catering, and setting up the event. Before talking to an event planner, make sure you have a per person budget in mind so everyone who is invited can afford to attend.

When planning your event dinner, consider asking all of the attendees to send photos from your days in the military together so you can set up a photo slideshow for everyone to enjoy. It can also be fun to ask everyone to bring old military memorabilia to display at the venue. If you have a large turnout for your military reunion, consider printing a program with a short bio of each veteran outlining what he or she has been doing since leaving the military.