Gun violence among youth is an urgent problem. Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 make up two-thirds of deaths by a gun in the United States, according to News21. The end results leave families with the task of burying their loved ones. Some families even hold a memorial service that includes a balloon delivery to make the moment special. Here is why holding a balloon release is a way to remember your loved one and send a message to the world.

What is the Meaning of a Balloon Release?

It has become a ritual for some people to release balloons in memory of their love ones. According to Journey of Hearts, releasing balloons leaves your audience with a very powerful image. It is also seen as a way to celebrate life and gives a physical symbol of release. The underlying meaning of this ritual is that it allows you to release grief.

Remind Your Community

A balloon release can be held with a memorial service or as a separate event. Some families like to hold one soon after their loved one passed away. This event encourages your community to spread peace where there is violence and love where there is hate.

You have to decide on a color for your balloons. An event planner or florist can help with choosing the colors. However, you can personalize the event by picking your deceased loved one's favorite color or choosing a color to represent the gun violence movement.

You can further bring awareness to gun violence by attaching a note to your balloons. The note should include the victim's name and a message asking the recipient to spread love. A balloon release is an event that you can hold every year to remind your community about the death of your loved one.

Put the Spotlight on Teenage Gun Violence

Starkeisha Reed was a 14 year old gifted student killed in Chicago, Illinois on March 3, 2006 while standing by a window before leaving to go to school. Her death was the result of gang violence and assault weapons.

This case was one of cases that put a spotlight on the gun violence in Chicago.  In 2009, a blocked party and balloon release was held for Starkeisha Reed. This event was held to remind the communities across the country about a beautiful child that was taken too soon because of gun violence. Teenage gun violence is still a major problem in Chicago, but the spotlight is shining big on the problem now.

It is hard for a parent to bury their child and even harder when it is something that can be prevented. If you lost your child to gun violence, then you want people to remember what happened to him or her. A balloon release is an event that can spark a change in your community.

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