Think outside the box when coming up with activities for your birthday celebration so that you and your friends share some memorable moments.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping isn't for the faint of heart, but can still be enjoyed by all. Your wildest friends who live for thrills will feel their hearts race as they are hoisted to the top of a crane. Anyone who is too timid to try can watch from the sidelines. Cranes are most commonly used in construction, but can also play a big part when it comes to bungee jumping. They aren't always necessary, but they are a popular method to use when you are going to be bungee jumping over the ground.

Many party planners offer rentals that include a crane, instructor, and all of the safety equipment that is needed to make your party a success. Plan to hold your party in a wide, open area. Set up a viewing section that consists of folding chairs or blankets. Take photographs of each of your friends as they jump. This memorabilia will be greatly appreciated by all. Your friends will be able to proudly display their accomplishments and boast about their daring experiences.

Mechanical Bull And Bounce House

You and your pals can become rodeo heroes for the day by riding on the back of of a mechanical bull. To liven the situation up some, place bets with each other and root your top picks on. Have prizes set aside for the people who are able to stay on the bull for the longest amount of time.

Mechanical bulls can be rented for the day by making reservations with a party supplier. Your bull will be set up when it is dropped off and you will receive instructions on how to operate it. Crank up some music and enjoy watching as each of your friends tries to tame "The Beast."

Party planning businesses also rent out moonwalk bounce houses which are able to accommodate each of your guest's children. One can be rented from the same company that offers the mechanical bull ride. The children who attend the party with their parents will have a fun activity to participate in while they cheer their parents on. 

Party Bus

Rent a party bus and cruise around in style while taking a tour of the city. You and your friends will remain relaxed and comfortable as you are transported through town. Go bar hopping, stopping off at each location for several minutes before getting back on the bus. Another option is to go all out and celebrate your birthday, exclusively, on the bus for the night. Hire a DJ and rent a small dance floor.

Disco lights, comfortable seating, and decorations can be added throughout the interior. Not having to drive and being able to focus on the festivities in the bus will provide everyone with a carefree and enjoyable experience.

Your birthday celebration can be everything you ever wished for with some careful planning. Try an activity that you have never participated in before to make your celebration unique and exciting.