You've seen giant inflatable bounce houses complete with water slides at children's summer birthday parties. Haven't you ever wished you could jump up on one and slide down into a pool of refreshing water yourself. Those big, bouncy play structures aren't just for kids. Here are four events that call for an inflatable rental to liven up the party and let the grown-ups have some fun for a change. 

Corporate Party

Leave the business suits at home and opt for swimsuits instead. Playing together can be a great way for your employees to build friendships and work relationships. Teams who spend time together and trust each other will be more productive when it comes to work projects. 

Rent a giant inflatable water slide, and give your employees some time to get silly and act like kids again. It's a great way to boost morale and make life around the office not so serious for a few hours. 

Big Birthday

Nothing calls for a spectacular party addition like a birthday that ends in a zero. Whether you're turning 20, 30, 40, 50, or more, make a bouncy water slide part of your birthday activities. Set it up in the backyard and serve cocktails as you and your friends take the plunge into the next decade of your life.

Bridal Shower 

A bridal shower can be about more than just gifts. Take some time off from the stressful details of wedding planning and give the bride and wedding party some time to play. Make it a girls' only event, or invite the boys for some co-ed fun. See who can bounce the highest, slide the fastest, and make the biggest splash. Don't forget your video camera. This is sure to be a bridal shower the bride to be will want to share with her children one day. 

Back to School Celebration

The first day of school is a bigger celebration for moms and dads than it is for kids. Get some of your friends together after that first day drop-off and play kid-free in the bright sunshine. Moms are typically stuck enforcing rules, serving snacks, and making sure that everyone is getting along. When the kids are at school, you can relax and have a good time without the responsibility of keeping track of children. When the kids come home from school, you can always give them a turn, but only if you want. 

These are just four of the ways adults can have fun with inflatable slide jumpers. It doesn't take a special event. Grab your swimsuit and have a great time.