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Two Tips To Help You Make Your Wedding Invitations More Engaging

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Your wedding day is arguably one of the most important days of your life.  It’s a moment in time where you’ll state the vows that will bind you to another individual for the rest of your lives.  This event should be as momentous as possible, and you want to build up excitement in the minds of the people who will be in attendance.  The anticipation should begin with an incredibly engaging invitation.  Use these two tips as a guide to help you raise the engagement factor of your wedding invitations in anticipation of your big day. Include A Personalized Poem In Each Invitation Including a personalized poem in each invitation is an incredible way to transform your invitations from ordinary to extraordinary.  Imagine how delighted your invitees will be when they open their envelopes only to find that there is a handwritten poem that details some intimate moment of the times that you’ve spent together.   For example, if you met one of your invited guests at new student orientation on your first day of college, you can make a cute little poem like the following: “We were both so afraid on that faithful day, It was new student orientation, and you didn’t look okay. However, we became fast friends, and what a treat, So glad fate chose us two to meet.” No matter how cheesy the poem may happen to be, including an anecdote about how you met, or some special times you spent together can really make them nostalgic for the past, and hopeful about your future with the one you love. Hand Deliver Each Invitation In a world where everything is digitized, that personal touch can mean so much.  Taking the time to personally deliver each invitation shows your invitees just how much their presence is desired on your wedding day. This isn’t to say that you have to hand deliver invitations to people who may live out of town.  You can instead choose to mail the physical letter, while also making it a point to place a video call to the person you’ve invited to find out if they’ve gotten their invitation, and if they plan to come.  Let them know just how much it will mean to you for them to be there. Engaging your guests in your wedding can help to create a cohesive event that makes everyone feel like they are a part of a loving community.  When you’re making your wedding invitations, keep these tips in mind so your engagement factor can be through the...

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How To Throw The Best Birthday Party For Your Toddler While On A Budget

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For many parents, planning a birthday bash for a toddler can be stressful, especially when you have to do so on a strict budget.  By taking the time to plan ahead, you can throw your little one a great party that will be remembered for a long time. Start planning now for your child’s party by following these tips. Start Planning With Large Plastic Bins In Bin One: When you are a on a tight budget, shopping at dollar stores can be the best way to gather small toy gifts for your young guests. Make it a point to start buying up gifts every time you visit your favorite dollar stores. If you start filling up a plastic bin a few months before your child’s party, you will have a great many gifts for giving out on the big day. Items like bubbles, coloring books and crayons, plastic animals and more can be purchased at most dollar stores and they all make excellent party gifts for your guests. In Bin Two: Collecting party favors and items like napkins, paper plates and cups, decorative plastic table clothes and more can be a good way to have everything you need and more when you start decorating for the party. Buy a roll of crepe paper and some favors at the dollar store each time you shop and toss them in the party favor bin when you get home. If your child loves a particular cartoon character, planning ahead gives you time to locate party favors and decorative items that will have that character on them. Remember to put some games like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey in this bin as well. You will be amazed at how much you are able to collect in just a few months. Party Planning Outside Of The Bins Avoid waiting until the last minute to find party supply rental companies. By learning where you can find the cheapest rentals ahead of time, you will have more time to fit the cost of renting items like tables and chairs into your budget. Remember also you will need tables and chairs suitable for toddlers, so be sure to ask about smaller sets in addition to ones you may need for adult guests. Most rental companies also offer items like inflatables that will be the joy of your party, so be sure to check out the ones that will easily fit into your yard before paying any deposits. Contact your local company, like Party People Rentals & Sales and other locations, to get more information. Last, But Not Least Is The Birthday Cake And Snacks If you are planning a party on a budget, you may have already decided to make your child’s cake at home. If so, be sure to have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen by the day before the party. The last thing you need is to get in the middle of making the cake only to realize you forgot one vital ingredient. Also, if you are planning to serve snacks, getting all the ingredients together for them before the day of the party is important. Also, make sure to set aside the entire day before the party for baking and cooking. This way, you will have plenty of time for enjoying it instead of stressing...

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4 Tips For Planning A Military Reunion

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Serving in the military allows soldiers to form very strong bonds with each other that last a lifetime. After military service is completed, soldiers typically spread out around the country and go on with their lives, but military reunions are very popular with veterans of all ages. A well-planned military reunion gives veterans the opportunity to spend time together, reminisce about the past, and catch up on what is going on in each other’s lives. If you have served in the military and want to organize a reunion with your fellow soldiers, use the following tips:  Choose a Central Location One of the first things that should be decided when planning a military reunion is where the event will be held. Some groups like the nostalgia of holding a reunion in a place that has military significance, such as the town where the group was based together or where they went to boot camp. Other groups prefer more traditional vacation destinations that have a number of dining and accommodation choices.  Give Everyone as Much Notice as Possible When trying to bring together a large group of people for a military reunion, it is essential to let people know about the event as far in advance as possible. This will give people more time to plan and budget for the event, resulting in a larger turnout at the reunion.  Find Accommodations As the organizer of the reunion, take the time to find accommodations in the destination where the event is being held. Don’t forget to mention that you are planning a military reunion– many hotels offer discounted rates for veterans. Once you have found a hotel and settled on nightly rates, pass along the information to all of your fellow veterans so they can make their own reservations. Contact an Event Planner Most military reunions center around one large event that usually includes a meal, dancing, and other activities. If your reunion will have a large turnout, it may be in your best interest to hire an event planer to coordinate the event. Since military reunions are very popular, there are many event planners that specialize in planning these events. Your event planner can take care of all the details of your reunion dinner, such as finding a venue, arranging catering, and setting up the event. Before talking to an event planner, make sure you have a per person budget in mind so everyone who is invited can afford to attend. When planning your event dinner, consider asking all of the attendees to send photos from your days in the military together so you can set up a photo slideshow for everyone to enjoy. It can also be fun to ask everyone to bring old military memorabilia to display at the venue. If you have a large turnout for your military reunion, consider printing a program with a short bio of each veteran outlining what he or she has been doing since leaving the...

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2 Useful Types Of Wedding Favors For Your Big Day

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As you are making your wedding plans, you will eventually come to the point where you must choose the wedding favors you will give to your guests. Making this decision can be hard, but you can simplify it if you think in terms of usefulness. Giving your guests favors they can use will be more valuable to them than giving gifts that are simply cute. Here are two ideas of useful items you could give as favors that would also look cute set out on the tables. Food Anything your guests can eat would be considered a useful gift because most people enjoy eating, and there are hundreds of ideas to choose from. You could hand-make edible treats, such as cookies or candies, and place them in mesh netting. You could complete the gifts by wrapping a ribbon around the netting. One cute idea is to place two graham crackers, a bar of chocolate, and several marshmallows in a small bag. You could call this a smore treat bag. This ideas is creative, cute, edible, and useful. Another idea is to make cookie-in-a-jar sets. This involves placing the dry ingredients for a cookie recipe in a jar. You can then attach directions to it and give one to each guest. If you prefer not to make treats yourself, you could consider buying personalized treats to give away. Here are some ideas: Candy bars Treat bags Small boxes that contain a donut, cupcake, or muffin You can get more ideas by visiting a website that sells wedding favors {such as gopartydecor.com}. Skin Products A second idea to think about is giving away skin products. Most people enjoy getting small bottles of lotions, bath soaps, body washes, or hand soaps. This is a gift that anyone could use, and it would be extremely practical. In addition to bottled skin care products, there are a variety of other types you could choose too, including: Flower petal bath soaps Bath salts Hand soaps carved in the shape of hearts Bath fizzies If you are really creative, you could even make your own soap products. Making your own gifts can be time-consuming; however, it can also be extremely thoughtful too. If you make your own, you could also make personalized labels to attach to the gifts. If you are running short on time and will not be able to make your own wedding favors, there are plenty of favors you can purchase. You can start looking now by visiting a store that sells wedding favors...

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Why A Balloon Release Is A Good Way To Remember Teenage Gun Violence Victims

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Gun violence among youth is an urgent problem. Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 make up two-thirds of deaths by a gun in the United States, according to News21. The end results leave families with the task of burying their loved ones. Some families even hold a memorial service that includes a balloon delivery to make the moment special. Here is why holding a balloon release is a way to remember your loved one and send a message to the world. What is the Meaning of a Balloon Release? It has become a ritual for some people to release balloons in memory of their love ones. According to Journey of Hearts, releasing balloons leaves your audience with a very powerful image. It is also seen as a way to celebrate life and gives a physical symbol of release. The underlying meaning of this ritual is that it allows you to release grief. Remind Your Community A balloon release can be held with a memorial service or as a separate event. Some families like to hold one soon after their loved one passed away. This event encourages your community to spread peace where there is violence and love where there is hate. You have to decide on a color for your balloons. An event planner or florist can help with choosing the colors. However, you can personalize the event by picking your deceased loved one’s favorite color or choosing a color to represent the gun violence movement. You can further bring awareness to gun violence by attaching a note to your balloons. The note should include the victim’s name and a message asking the recipient to spread love. A balloon release is an event that you can hold every year to remind your community about the death of your loved one. Put the Spotlight on Teenage Gun Violence Starkeisha Reed was a 14 year old gifted student killed in Chicago, Illinois on March 3, 2006 while standing by a window before leaving to go to school. Her death was the result of gang violence and assault weapons. This case was one of cases that put a spotlight on the gun violence in Chicago.  In 2009, a blocked party and balloon release was held for Starkeisha Reed. This event was held to remind the communities across the country about a beautiful child that was taken too soon because of gun violence. Teenage gun violence is still a major problem in Chicago, but the spotlight is shining big on the problem now. It is hard for a parent to bury their child and even harder when it is something that can be prevented. If you lost your child to gun violence, then you want people to remember what happened to him or her. A balloon release is an event that can spark a change in your community. To order balloons for your special balloon release occasion, go to companies such as Dino’s Party...

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Party Like A Rock Star- Ways To Turn Your Birthday Bash Into A Smashing Success

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Think outside the box when coming up with activities for your birthday celebration so that you and your friends share some memorable moments. Bungee Jumping Bungee jumping isn’t for the faint of heart, but can still be enjoyed by all. Your wildest friends who live for thrills will feel their hearts race as they are hoisted to the top of a crane. Anyone who is too timid to try can watch from the sidelines. Cranes are most commonly used in construction, but can also play a big part when it comes to bungee jumping. They aren’t always necessary, but they are a popular method to use when you are going to be bungee jumping over the ground. Many party planners offer rentals that include a crane, instructor, and all of the safety equipment that is needed to make your party a success. Plan to hold your party in a wide, open area. Set up a viewing section that consists of folding chairs or blankets. Take photographs of each of your friends as they jump. This memorabilia will be greatly appreciated by all. Your friends will be able to proudly display their accomplishments and boast about their daring experiences. Mechanical Bull And Bounce House You and your pals can become rodeo heroes for the day by riding on the back of of a mechanical bull. To liven the situation up some, place bets with each other and root your top picks on. Have prizes set aside for the people who are able to stay on the bull for the longest amount of time. Mechanical bulls can be rented for the day by making reservations with a party supplier. Your bull will be set up when it is dropped off and you will receive instructions on how to operate it. Crank up some music and enjoy watching as each of your friends tries to tame “The Beast.” Party planning businesses also rent out moonwalk bounce houses which are able to accommodate each of your guest’s children. One can be rented from the same company that offers the mechanical bull ride. The children who attend the party with their parents will have a fun activity to participate in while they cheer their parents on.  Party Bus Rent a party bus and cruise around in style while taking a tour of the city. You and your friends will remain relaxed and comfortable as you are transported through town. Go bar hopping, stopping off at each location for several minutes before getting back on the bus. Another option is to go all out and celebrate your birthday, exclusively, on the bus for the night. Hire a DJ and rent a small dance floor. Disco lights, comfortable seating, and decorations can be added throughout the interior. Not having to drive and being able to focus on the festivities in the bus will provide everyone with a carefree and enjoyable experience. Your birthday celebration can be everything you ever wished for with some careful planning. Try an activity that you have never participated in before to make your celebration unique and...

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Inflatable Water Slides For The Young At Heart

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You’ve seen giant inflatable bounce houses complete with water slides at children’s summer birthday parties. Haven’t you ever wished you could jump up on one and slide down into a pool of refreshing water yourself. Those big, bouncy play structures aren’t just for kids. Here are four events that call for an inflatable rental to liven up the party and let the grown-ups have some fun for a change.  Corporate Party Leave the business suits at home and opt for swimsuits instead. Playing together can be a great way for your employees to build friendships and work relationships. Teams who spend time together and trust each other will be more productive when it comes to work projects.  Rent a giant inflatable water slide, and give your employees some time to get silly and act like kids again. It’s a great way to boost morale and make life around the office not so serious for a few hours.  Big Birthday Nothing calls for a spectacular party addition like a birthday that ends in a zero. Whether you’re turning 20, 30, 40, 50, or more, make a bouncy water slide part of your birthday activities. Set it up in the backyard and serve cocktails as you and your friends take the plunge into the next decade of your life. Bridal Shower  A bridal shower can be about more than just gifts. Take some time off from the stressful details of wedding planning and give the bride and wedding party some time to play. Make it a girls’ only event, or invite the boys for some co-ed fun. See who can bounce the highest, slide the fastest, and make the biggest splash. Don’t forget your video camera. This is sure to be a bridal shower the bride to be will want to share with her children one day.  Back to School Celebration The first day of school is a bigger celebration for moms and dads than it is for kids. Get some of your friends together after that first day drop-off and play kid-free in the bright sunshine. Moms are typically stuck enforcing rules, serving snacks, and making sure that everyone is getting along. When the kids are at school, you can relax and have a good time without the responsibility of keeping track of children. When the kids come home from school, you can always give them a turn, but only if you want.  These are just four of the ways adults can have fun with inflatable slide jumpers. It doesn’t take a special event. Grab your swimsuit and have a great...

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3 Circumstances Where You May Want To Rent Lounge Furniture

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Renting lounge furniture is an excellent idea when you need furniture for an event that you don’t want to keep long term. You can rent furniture that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, and you can make the area that you are decorating look however you would like. You also will get several different pieces of furniture for an excellent price. This article will discuss 3 circumstances where you may want to rent lounge furniture.  Staging A Home One of the key components of selling a home is staging it correctly. People don’t like walking into a home that has no furniture in any of the rooms because they can’t really see the appeal of the home. If you are going to be holding an open house, you should get a variety of different lounge furniture to use to stage the home. You can get a beautiful wood kitchen table and chairs for the kitchen, a leather sofa with end tables and a coffee table for the living room, and beautiful bedrooms sets for the bedrooms. This will help to capture people’s attention, and will help them gain more interest in the home that you are selling.  A Formal Event If you are holding a formal event such as a wedding or wedding reception, then renting out furniture for this event is going to be a must. You will want to get nice chairs to set up for all of the wedding guests to sit in during the actual wedding. For the reception, you are also going to want to get several tables for your guests to sit at and converse and eat. Comfortable chairs and couches can also be set at different places in the reception area, allowing a comfortable area for those to sit away from the food.  Large Conferences If you are holding a large business conference, then you are going to need seating for a large amount of people. If this is a conference that is going to include several computer presentations, you may want to rent out computer chairs and long tables so your workers can set up their laptops and either prepare their own presentations or take notes. However, if this is more of a laid back conference, then you may simply want to rent out comfortable sofas and chairs for those to sit in while business is being conducted. Also keep in mind that you are likely going to provide multiple meals during the conference so eating tables and chairs will need to be rented out as well.  To check out great furniture, contact a lounge furniture rental...

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